ADA Measurement Instruments

Saeed Industrial Instrument Group offers a high variety of Russian ADA measurment instruments such as laster distance meters, laser levels, digital angle meters and digital angle rulers.

Saeed Group with the direct import of ADA Measurement Instrument offers you the high quality and the right prices.

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Laser Distance Meter

Laser distance meter ADA

is a compact device, designed for distance measurements of 30, 40, 50, 70, 100, 120 and 150 meters, ideal for indoor and outdoor



  • dust/water protection
  • auto power off
  • shock protection in the fall
  • compact and user friendly
  • Easy to operate

Laser Level

Laser level ADA CUBE MINI is the most compact self-leveling laser level. It . projects one horizontal and one vertical lines. Laser lines ADA CUBE MINI are used almost in all applications concerning repair: partitions, laying of communication systems, installation of doors, windows, furniture and so on.

Due to the intersecting lines (angle between laser planes is 90°) it is possible to make fast marking when setting materials and constructions.

The housing has a strong structure. The width is only 4.5 cm. Rubber parts protect the instrument against damages. Due to the ribbed surface the instrument don’t slip out of your hands.

¼’’ thread at the bottom of the instrument allows to set it on the tripod or universal mount.

Switching on and unlocking with one button. Automatic self-leveling. Maximum inclination during operation is no more than 3°. Laser lines begin to blink when the inclination is big.

Digital Angle Meter

ADA PRO Digit MICRO digital angle meter is designed for accurate determination of the angular deflection from the horizontal or vertical surface

Being mounted onto the surface, it displays the angular deflection and its direction.

There is a special mode for measuring the relative angles. The case is made of lightweight and durable aluminum alloy. The working surface is equipped with magnets for mounting on steel structures. The device is compact due to its small size and weight.

it includes

Digital angle meter
Operating manual

Digital Angle Ruler

ADA AngleRuler 20 is designed for angle measurement.

ADA AngleRuler 20 has built-in electronic angle sensor.

Data are displayed on the built-in LCD digital display.

Set zero value for measuring relative angles at any position of the instrument.

Angle meter has two metallic rules. Unfold them by 180° into one line to make the ruler for distance measurement. The construction of the angle meter allows to fit it tightly to the surface. It is convenient when marking on the plane.

AngleRuler 20 is ideal for fitter’s, construction, carpenter’s and finishing works.

It concludes

Angle meter
Operating manual


  • Compact size
  • Metallic rules
  • Automatic shut-off
  • LCD display

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Digital Angle Meter, A Unique Instrument from ADA, Russia

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