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Our Services

Providing Wood and MDF Industrial Tools

Saeed Industrial Instrument Group provides a high variety of professional wood and MDF instrumental solutions such as router bits, T.C.T cutters, cutter heads, T.C.T circular saw blades,boring tools, carpentry tools, pneumatic and spare parts, accessories, etc. with warrantied prices and qualities for all our dear customers.

Drawing and Producing Router Bits

If you could not find your specified router bits in our various collection, you can order them to draw and produce as soon as possible by our industrial specialists and through our professional agents in our valid international offices. You can also choose the quantity of your order freely and with no limitations.

Producing T.C.T Cutters

Saeed Industrial Instrument Group is honored to inform that it can produce T.C.T Cutters itself in Iran and with no third parties. These qualified products can compete with the similar foreign models both in price and quality.

Renewing and Repairing Router Bits


We can repair and renew your old router bits and make them them usable once again

Why Choose Us?

Tools Variety

We are producer, provider, importer and exporter of different types of woodwoorking solutions. All you need we can provide in a single glance.

Guaranteed Prices

Camparing with the others, all our products and solutions are guaranteed. Therefore, purchase us with ease and safety.

Unique Stores

Our Stores are one of the most complete and variable collections of Woodworking solutions in the country.

Products Warranty

Please note that after each purchase, recieve the sales invoice. Having the invoice means that you can take advantages of a free 6-months warranty.

Customer’s Satisfaction

With more than 15 years of experience in Wood and MDF industries and having valid agents in international offices, our purpose is customer’s satisfaction

Full Time Support

You can contact us day and night with



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