Saeed Industrial Instrument Group: Best Quality, High Variety


We are producer, provider, importer and exporter of different types of woodwoorking solutions. All you need we can provide in a single glance.


Our Stores are one of the most complete and variable collections of Woodworking solutions in the country


Camparing with the others, all our products and solutions are guaranteed. Therefore, purchase us with ease and safety.


Please note that after each purchase, recieve the sales invoice. Having the invoice means that you can take advantages of a free 6-months warranty.


With more than 15 years of experience in Wood and MDF industries and having valid agents in international offices, our purpose is customer’s satisfaction


You can contact us day and night with



We can freely guide you.

Saeed Industrial Instrument Group, managing by Mr. Saeed Barakchi,  has began its activity since 2003.

Due to the successful years of experiences, this company claims it is one of the best providers of instrumental services in the field of wood and MDF industry.

Our stores are one of the most complete tool stores in Iran.

The variety of our products is one of the unique charactersitics of this company.

 Our purpose is to provide services for wood industry producers and to gain this aim we believe on having high quality, honesty, speed and customer’s satisfation.

Customers can pay in cash, by internet payment gateway and through COD (Cash on Delivery).

Saeed Group with a standing of 16 years and an acting as the local agent of many international woodworking tools companies has pleasingly provided customer’s need in the field of wood and MDF industry.

The sales department and the after-sales services of this company are professional specialists who are day and night ready to answer all the possible problems.

Saeed Industrial Instrument Group holding many years of experience, is always striving to develop its fields of activities and to have positive competition with other companies to help both the market and the wood industry.

This company’s vision is to bring a better future for the wood and MDF industry both through the quality, quantity and variety of different products.

Recent Exhibitions

Isfahan, Iran – 2017

Saeed Industrial Instrument Group has attended in the 15th International Exhibition of Machinery, Accessories, Raw Materials and Wood Industry held on July 19-22, 2017 in Isfahan.


Mashhad, Iran – 2017

Saeed Group has also attended in the 2nd Int-specialized Exhibition of Machinery, Equipment and Accessories for Furniture held in December 27-30, 2017 in Mashhad.

Tehran, Iran – 2019

Saeed Group has attended in the 17th International Exhibition of Accessories, Machinery and Wood, Equipment and Related Industries held in Feburary 2-5,2019 in Tehran as well


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